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Maximize Efficiencies and Stay Connected with Custom Software

Upstream Software for the Modern Needs of the Industry

Businesses need Upstream software that can manage a diverse set of challenges across departments from geology and geophysics through operations to marketing and accounting.

You and your co-workers may find it difficult to to keep everything connected while focusing on improving production, maximizing efficiencies and staying up with the latest technologies.

With a little help, your team doesn’t have to do it all. At Entrance, we specialize in custom Exploration and Production software and SharePoint consulting solutions. Our understanding of the industry allows our consultants to communicate directly and efficiently across your team, from drilling, completion and reservoir engineers to production accountants.

The Upstream Data Management Experts

We are experts at sourcing data from across departments to keep decision makers from across the company on the same page. We can fill many of your needs including:

Hire a Team that Understands the Needs of the Energy Industry

With our main office in Houston, Texas we are at the epicenter of Energy industry changes. The exponential growth brought to the table by fracking and horizontal drilling has also created a new set of challenges. And with product companies unable to provide solutions that keep up with industry changes, we are able to address the most current, pressing risks with insightful data solutions before anyone else can even come close.

Our areas of expertise in the Exploration and Production industry include data systems integration, management dashboards, regulatory and contractual compliance solutions, production accounting & allocation software and financial forecasting software. And since several of our clients are National Oil Companies (NOCs), we have also developed a special capability in helping international firms develop a Gulf of Mexico presence and understand the unique data management issues facing Gulf of Mexico producers.

See how we helped one Upstream client improve the flow of information and automate everyday data, read our case study!

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