Engineering Software Development

Engineering Software Development: Getting it Right the First Time

We get it – engineers are smart! We’re engineers too – but we don’t do mechanical engineering, and mechanical engineers should not make software. There is simply a difference between engineers developing software and true engineering software development.

Maybe this story sounds familiar to you: an engineer creates a software application for his own use that happens to fill a need that current company software doesn’t. Over time, more and more people become dependent on the tool, until one day the user base is just too large for the application to support. The engineering firm starts losing both time and money trying to fix a solution that, while it had a great algorithm and well thought out logic at the start, now creates more problems than it solves due to lack of programming foresight.

This could have been avoided with the help of true software engineers like the consultants at Entrance. From the start, we help clients like you establish a solid set of requirements so that the final solution meets your needs for the long term. Custom solutions like these are generally easier to use as well, with an interface that promotes efficiency.

Meeting your needs with good software

The sad story mentioned above isn’t the only instance of software gone wrong. Sending around an old excel sheet or forcing users to install specialized software can be a thing of the past for your company. Great engineering data shouldn’t be trapped in the application it was written into – and it certainly shouldn’t take 4 hours to get to that data.

There are a lot of benefits to outsourcing your custom engineering software development project to an expert consultant:

  • Building engineering logic into a database like SQL means that data can be sourced or edited in place without ever worrying about manually changing, recompiling and releasing a new version of the application.
  • Web based solutions means no need to worry about computer requirements,  installations or setting up new users.
  • Proper database design from the start means that the application can scale easily.

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Partner in Engineering

Your engineers have awesome ideas because they are busy working on projects every day. Our software engineers can multiply the impact of each employee by translating that insight  into useful, long lasting applications that address software development best practices and your business needs.

Our expertise regularly translates into hours of time saved per day via ad-hoc report generation (30 seconds instead of 4 hours!), user-focused user interfaces, efficient collaboration, and more. Not to mention getting you data that better informs decisions – so that you can catch a problem before it becomes one. No matter what got you to where you are now, we will help you develop a polished custom solution that codifies the core of your engineers’ brilliance – and leaves them with more time for their own expertise.

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