Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation can eliminate repetitive tasks that are taking up your employee’s valuable mind-share. You probably already have the tools to make business process automation work for your company, why not leverage them to save time and eliminate errors?

SharePoint Consulting

All businesses have processes and utilize forms. In most cases, the automation of these processes and forms can save companies thousands or millions of dollars a year in increased productivity, easier data retrieval and better compliance. Our SharePoint consulting approach to business process automation entails partnering with your business to understand how information is collected and processed on a day-to-day basis and then making recommendations on how best to automate those processes for maximum benefit.

Business Process Features

  • Browser-Based Forms – Browser-compatible forms allow users to complete forms without the hassle of downloading, saving and uploading. You may distribute these forms to the intranet or internet
  • “Design Once” Development Model – Once you have created a form you may use the same form for deployment and use in Office InfoPath 2007 or a web-browser
  • Form Import Wizard – Converts form fields, rich text boxes and other components of forms created in Excel or Word into the correct XML structure

Check our our SharePoint Knowledge Base to get the latest from our SharePoint consultants. Or read this case study to see how we used SharePoint to automate one client’s processes.

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